Glass, Cats and Family – all the ingredients for insanity

Jet lagged in…Seattle!

I’m here, dammit I could have rowed myself here faster!

Seattle is a beautiful city, all fir trees and lush green, it must be beautiful in Autumn


I’m staying with PJ, he kindly invited me to stay with him in his beautiful home tucked away in the trees…squirrels!!
Sorry? Where was I?

Those squirrels are such CUTE little suckers and I’m easily entertained


Ok, so it’s not a great shot, but they scamper away so fast if I try and get closer.

PJ took me to Harbour Freight…the Aussies will understand why this was such a thrill, TOOLS!, really really cheap tools, like a 10th of what we pay.

We visited a hot glass shop in Seattle, (I must admit I’ve forgotten the name but I’ll ask him tomorrow and update) I watched a girl make a beautiful double walled bowl and then spent some time drooling over beautiful pieces, most of which I recognised the artist.




Then lunch, today we went to Zoopa, beautiful fresh salads, pasta and soup, all you can eat for about $10…yum


PJ thinks its funny that I keep taking photos of food, but it’s a constant curiosity with me how the food is different here…and don’t get me started on the coffee

So, today was the open torch day…more on that in tomorrows update


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