Glass, Cats and Family – all the ingredients for insanity

My first day in the US, i’m in LA with Shelby who’s kindly offered to show me around and make sure I don’t get mugged – you know me, I’d wander off to somewhere I’m not meant to be and end up as an episode of CSI.
We’re at Venice Beach…see now you might be thinking, she’s an Aussie, why on earth would she go to a beach somewhere else”….well guys, Venice beach is like nowhere I’ve EVER been.

First there’s these guys, selling dope in their nice bright green uniforms.


Then some words of wisdom from a local sage, he told me if I want to have a nice long paid holiday in the US I should take some explosives onto my Seattle flight, I’d then get to spend a long and happy holiday all expenses paid.


Lunch! Cheese fried steak, thinly sliced steak, grilled onions and cheese, with a big pickle and some chillis, washed down with a huge glass of nice sharp lemonade. Shelby and I ate and watched the human parade go by – best first day ever!


oh and yeah, there’s a beach



Comments on: "Venice beach….Americans are weird!" (2)

  1. ROFL! Oh yah, and a beach. Too funny!

  2. Sounds like you’re having a great time. Hope the Gathering is awesome!

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