Glass, Cats and Family – all the ingredients for insanity

Well here I am writing a blog post when I’m supposed to be packing, I leave in less than 24 hours for the US (yay!)

This is a good place to start this blog because after three years of lampworking and making beads i’m off to the US for the annual gathering – for the uninitiated it’s a four day event of classes, lectures and fun organised by the ISGB.

I decided to get to the gathering this year even if i had to rob a bank and its come close to that, I really couldn’t afford to go if not for the generosity of my long suffering husband and my friends in the US that are going to host me. It astonishes me really that people who i’ve never met in person are welcoming me into their homes, in particular PJ who’s putting me up for the majority of the time I’ll be in Seattle (check the list, really good Hunter Valley red for PJ).

So here I come Seattle

I’ll be regularly posting from the Gathering and taking lots of photos for all the poor sods I’m leaving behind here in Oz (yeah, sucks to be you guys), stay posted.


Comments on: "Passport? check! Vegemite? check!" (1)

  1. Beth in Canada said:

    Hey Deb! So glad you’ve started this, especially since I was going to ask people going to the Gathering to please keep the rest of us in the loop.

    Will be following your blog and know you will have a wonderful time. Cheers!
    Beth in Canada

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